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We are aware of the fact that working out alone can be a tiresome (though rewarding) affair. To make it interesting and extra fun, we have introduced the concept of Group workouts. Studies also say that group workouts increase the effectiveness of a workout by providing increased accountability, as you will be in an atmosphere filled with healthy competition and eventually find yourself pushing harder. Being surrounded by like-minded members increases your motivation and inspiration.

So, get ready and get sweaty with your best friend or find yourself a new workout buddy at our fitness hub. With a team environment to cheer you even when you’re sore and trying to scrape through, your results are waiting for you to get them a notch higher. Our trainers are adept to provide you with new challenges, goals and the expert attention on your road to glory. Our fitness center includes facilities like Zumba fitness classes, Tabata training and aerobic workouts for weight loss, stress relief, flexibility and more. While Zumba workout is an energetic routine coupled with simple yet powerful dance movements and motivating music, Tabata training is a high-intensity workout with exercises that last for four minutes and aerobic exercises involve stretches and moves that increase the body’s mobility. At BFW, these are done as a group fitness classes as they are super-fun and act as the perfect community building activity.

For the first time in India, we provide more than 8 different fitness forms in a single package.


Step Aerobics


Strong by Zumba



Cardio kickboxing



Strength training

Abdomen and core strengthening

Animal flow

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