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At BodyZealWorks we are serious about your children’s fitness, just like you.  We understand the challenges that parents face in the course of getting their kids up and running and the difficulties in cultivating health & fitness habits in them for the long run. The expertise of our trainers is utilized in their ability to design programs for children of all ages that help them build their stamina, muscular strength, develop core strength, flexibility and lots more which is essential for various daily activities as they grow older. Our fitness program and circuit changes undergo regular improvisation to help keep each child interested and motivated.

Our expert coaching staff care deeply for each member and help hone the kid, guiding them in their every path nurturing budding athletes and sportspersons and awaken their true potential. With workout options like kickboxing, aerobics, Tabata, Zumba, dance classes for kids and more, we make sure that every child at our fitness center is given the best treatment in terms of care, motivation and personal attention, making them interested and comfortable at the space.  Once they enter BFW, we are sure your children will have a safe, fun and supervised environment to be active and have a good time while they work out.

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