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The strength and conditioning program at our fitness center helps develop the art of balances, speed, stamina, strength, agility, focus and kinesthetic awareness, some of the pre-requisites required for an athlete. To succeed in any athletic discipline a defined approach with the attributes mentioned above is extremely essential. A strength and conditioning workout regime that applies a complementary technique to balance and foster the various skill sets of physical and mental health can be availed at our gym.

The effectiveness of our strength and conditioning programmes are proven to help increase the speed, strength, and stamina. Techniques such as Plyometrics (jump training) – exercises in which muscles are made to exert maximum force in short intervals of time, with a combination of jumps and squats that help increase power and build strength, stamina exercises and other special strength and conditioning courses help you reach a level of athletic fitness.

At BFW we show you the right path towards a results-based physical training with expert physical trainers. Here you are sure to face challenges, be challenged, motivated and stretched beyond your limits and all this to surely bring to you a newer version of You. Our trainers teach you the secret behind strong fundamentals and how to execute them to achieve the wholesome fitness regimen. Exercises that vary based on an individual’s capacity helps them shed those extra calories and build functional strength in an environment that is positive and building in every sense.

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