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“The trainers at Bodyzeal Fitworks have helped me reach my fitness goals beyond anything I could’ve hoped for. They truly care.”


Bodyzeal Fitworks Member

“The atmosphere at Bodyzeal Fitworks is amazing, the people are even better. All in all, it is a great place to work out.”


Bodyzeal Fitworks Member

“The facilities at Bodyzeal Fitworks stood out to me the most. They are well maintained and have high quality equipment.”

Dr. Mithun

Bodyzeal Fitworks Member

“No bad things to say about Bodyzeal Fitworks, they are top notch at every corner and truly take care of their customers.”


Bodyzeal Fitworks Member

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“BBZ instructors are extremely knowledgeable, well trained, highly motivated, and awesome co-traniees to be around. Unique workout schedules on everyday is designed to makes us to workout, sweat and dance.
Unique classes aww my fav session on Saturday hardcore workout �� followed by fun games� �makes us feel nostologic … No matter if your goal is to simply stay fit or to be traines like a fitness freeque, BBZ has what you’re looking for”
– M Indira Yogesh

“Very Comfortable and well trained instructors,Good place for all kinda fitness activity,strongly can say that Body Zeal fit works is a wonderful place to get fit and more fit.”
– Esther Rathna

“BBZ..????️An amazing fitness place where the training sessions challenge and push you so hard.. The trainers are really comfortable they make working out so much fun… I would personally recommend BBZ for anyone looking to lose weight and improve their lifestyle….”
– Pradiksha Balakrishnan

“Talented, energised instructors. Their classes even inspire the lazy bums and couch potatoes out ther to stay fit. This is from self realisation as am 1 laziest goal too.. awesome choreo and should try for sure,, people who wanna lose weight with entertainment and cut of the boring sessions.. great guys.. BBZ…”
– Swarga Mohan

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